Parenclub lid eugenparaschivescu

Gebruikersnaam: Eugenparaschivescu
Lengte:177 cm
Gewicht:70 Kg
Geschoren:if necessary


Hoi, >> I'm from east european countries just arrived in Netherlands whit one job contract >> like scaffolder, this company give me accommodation in Rotterdam and >> one contract >> I have one question: at 45 years it too late to work like gigolo? >> I was a good dancer in my early 's times I think that I still have >> some moves, I'm good like masseur and I'm open to anything. ( one >> issue or maybe one opportunity: my ass is virgin ????- to be honest > I >> never being whit another man I was straight till now) Maybe could start one binder for my innocent ????. >> If you have any interest to work for you or representing me in this >> profession just call me (0644102273) but if this will happening at the beginning > I >> want to work just in weekend till I gain more confidence and more >> clients. >> Thanks for your patience, Victor P.S. if you needed one handily man for take care of your installations ( water sanitary electricity....), or others repair I'm open to doo the both job's in same time.